MSTR Online Course

The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release ® (MSTR®) course is designed for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and all other manual therapists.

When you learn the MSTR® technique and start applying it, you will achieve results you didn’t think were possible. The technique is gentle and can be used alone or with any other technique.

It is a kind of missing piece of knowledge that can make your job easier. As you dig deeper into this concept, you will find a reason why you need to address scars and adhesions. When therapy is applied to a part of the body, the effect is permanent.

With MSTR®, you can help your client release physical and emotional stress. This will help them recover from their injuries and improve their quality of life.

I use this technique on a daily basis for clients, alone or in combination with other therapies. I am always fascinated with the response of the body, to this simple and focused information that we enter into the body.

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